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Sci-Fighter's mission is to promote collective creativity among all forms of life and intelligence. We combine different art forms such as music and dance to power our ship during our journey through time and space.

Sci-Fighter Artists

Sci-Fighter is a totally immersive lighting and visual experience. We use the science of light, sound, video, and effects on our journey though time and space.
Azlan takes control of the decks while team RTG provides powerful visuals for one of the most exciting live DJ sets you have ever seen.
This electronic music duo takes Sci-Fighter into the wild world of Dreamfreak. Futuristic original music will electrify your senses.
Fun music to move and dance to! DJ Spaceballs has been a Sci-Fighter since Youtopia 2019. Spaceballs also runs House Side of the Force which is another awesome group of music people.

what happens at camp Sci-Fighter:

w/ SPECIAL GUEST 7 pm - 8/5/20
Music, video, lighting, lasers and special effects take you on an incredible visual journey. Multiple computers are networked together and music notes are used to synchronize the entire experience.
LIVE DJ SET 8:30 pm - 8/5/20
I am battle tested, trained in all aspects of audio, and have performed all across America. Attending an Azlan show is to experience sound, light and visuals like never before. This is how peace will find its way.
LIVE BAND 10 pm - 8/5/20
dreamfreak makes theme songs for your dreams. the electronic duo, tara zepeda (vocals) and danny klein (vocals & keys), really love pancakes. they collaborated with grammy-nominated christophe hetier of french duo telepopmusik on their summer 2019 release “hat shopping”, and have twice collaborated with legendary dj robbie rivera, releasing “the stars” in late 2018 and recently with their single “one”.


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Interactive Music Festival

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