Sci-Fighter's mission is to promote teamwork while traveling through time and space. The show combines music, lighting, video, lasers, and special effects. These elements are part of a custom stage structure.


October 23 thru 27, 2019

California City, CA

Sci-Fighter is coming to Bootopia! get your tickets below.

Sci-Fighter at Youtopia 2019

We plan on hosting these events at our camp this year!

by RTG and son Nightly from 8 pm to 9:30 pm
Sci-Fighter is a totally immersive and educational experience. We use the science of light, sound, video, and effects on our journey though time and space.
Sci-Fighter main stage Thursday and Friday 9:30 pm
Azlan takes control of the decks while team RTG provides powerful visuals for one of the most exciting live DJ sets you have ever seen.
The bar at the end of the Universe
Drinks on me open every night at 6pm
Come hitch a ride and pound some brew! You will need at least two beers for interstellar travel. Also serving some mixed drinks. We can't promise you will be let off at the same place you got on or even be the same.
Parties, contests, and other fun stuff.
We have themed parties and events every day at camp Sci-Fighter. You can work out with us in the morning, eat lunch at the end of the universe all while enjoying some of the best music the galaxy has to offer. Scroll down to see some of the other stuff we are planning.


what else happens at camp Sci-Fighter:

LIGHT SHOW 8 pm nightly
Music, video, lighting, lasers and special effects take you on an incredible visual journey. Multiple computers are networked together and music notes are used to synchronize the entire experience.
LIVE MUSIC 24 hr sound camp
The music producers and DJs in our camp take the stage. This is a collaborative effort between sound and lighting producers working together to make each performance unique and special.
Fire Performances
FIRE DANCE every night after sunset
This year we are excited to have fire artist joining our camp! Make sure to stop by at night to enjoy a true burning spectacle.
immersive workout every morning at 11am
A special and fun interactive workout experience. DJ AZLAN creates a custom music track to our world class exercise program. Like Sci-Fighter music notes control the lighting and visuals simultaneously.
APOCALYPTIC SCIENCE FAIR Judging Saturday at 2pm
Submit your best idea to destroy planet earth! The best idea will be chosen by applause. Will it be accelerated global warming or perhaps a new version of the death star? You will have to wait and see to find out.
Break Bot Robo Dance off
dance contest Thursday at 4 pm
Break beats and break dancing! Come show off your best impersonation of a mechanical dance master. Regular dancing welcome as well.
Freaky as Fuck
To boldly go where no costume contest has gone before. All ages welcome.
Vampires only Friday midnight
Dress up as a vampire and prepare to listen to "Sandstorm". We are allergic to sunlight and ready to get down all night long.
Spooky Stories
open mic 10am daily
It's open mic, it's spooky, is acoustic music, and it's a contest. Why a contest? Because it's fucking Sci-Fighter and we compete over anything and everything.
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