Sci-Fighter's mission is to promote teamwork while traveling through time and space. The show combines music, lighting, video, lasers, and special effects. These elements are part of a custom stage structure. Our camp is made up of incredible artists and creators. We are in the process of upgrading our stage and you can help.

Sci-Fighter landing zones

The fun continues in 2020

Major landing zones planned for this year include Bequinox, unSCruz, Youtopia and BRC. We also have a number of smaller events throughout the year. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in finding out more.

Sci-Fighter Events

We plan on hosting these events at our camp this year!

Sci-Fighter is a totally immersive and educational experience. We use the science of light, sound, video, and effects on our journey though time and space.
Azlan takes control of the decks while team RTG provides powerful visuals for one of the most exciting live DJ sets you have ever seen.
Live duo takes the Sci-Fighter stage nightly. Not to be missed.
Fun music to move to day and night. Live sets daily from DJ Spaceballs and other featured artist from House Side of The Force.
Daft Vadar
Daft Vadar is a fantastic musical and visual experience.


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