Lighting and stage design.
Custom built structures.
Lighting, sound, and stages for all types of events


images of past shows and stage designs


current shows and places to see RTG live

sound - lighting - video - structures - lasers - fog


RTG provides total event design and planning services. We have stage lighting, rigging, sound, staging, video, lasers and DJs for your next event or show. We provide full entertainment production services for all sizes of events, concerts, festivals and parties. Specializing in visually immersive lighting and large temporary structures.
  • RTG incorporates all production aspects into the final experience.
  • RTG uses a vast array of equipment vendors as well as in house resources to deliver the latest technology.
  • RTG has a crew of musicians, visual artist, lighting designers, sound engineers, video directors, and many other skilled artists.

RTG Design LLC

Turning the ideas into one night of un-reality.

Total show design and production. Providing entertainment production resources from the ground up.


Create design concepts and ideas.


3D drafting and modeling to see your concept in virtual reality.


Equipment and crew from start to finish.

cool efficient lighting solutions

RTG uses efficient solutions that integrate productions elements and engineered solutions. Each show is designed for the time and place it happens. We also use solar power and LED lighting systems to create bold designs that speak to the power of nature and technology.

Show design and visualization

Each show is thought out and designed in 3d cyberspace before it is ever built or seen by an audience. Every aspect is planed around the music experience.

design tools

Multiple CAD platforms including full 3D modeling.

design visualization

Lighting and video pre-programing and visualization.

total event design and planning

Easily produce stamped documents, permits and plans.
Engineering Integration

efficiency Safety

  • certified rigging staff
  • highest safety standards
  • permits and documents
  • highly trained staff
  • engineering for outdoor events
  • production equipment
  • total event design