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SCI-FIGHTER outpost 21.2 camping, art and music festival

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Sci-Fighter Outpost 21.2

June 25 - 27, 2021

5 years of fighting for music and light

RTG presents: Sci-Fighter Outpost 21.2 music and art theme camp. Expect the most immersive full sensory experience possible on Earth. We plan to land 3 Sci-Fighter stages this summer at a secret desert location outside of Los Angeles. Our one of a kind stages and light shows will more amazing than ever. Join us on this 5 year anniversary of the Sci-Fighter stage. Attendance will be limited and health restrictions enforced. Location released day of event. Every adult camper needs a boarding pass (ticket). Register your art or camp below. Contact us for more information.


private campground takeover
live music on 3 incredible Sci-Fighter stages
solar powered lights and sound
full range sound systems on each stage
massive LED wall for visuals
family and responsible pets welcome
shade structures and porto potties
leave no trace camping
plenty of outdoor space to socially distance
close to the Los Angeles area
rv friendly

register your camp / art here

Camp and artist registration for Sci-Fighter Outpost 21.2 closes Friday 6.4.2021. Individual artists seeking more information can also use the "join artist pool" link at the bottom of this page. Password is required to register and buy boarding passes.

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Use these links to learn more about Sci-Fighter and the theme camp. If you want to support live music we are happy to accept your donation.

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Camp Information

The camp should be safe for people of all ages. We will plan for the number of campers so please fill out the form above if you are interested in attending. This is an off grid camp. You will need to bring everything you need to survive including food, water, and shelter. We will be outdoors and there could be bad weather and high winds. It might be very hot during the day and below freezing at night. Please plan accordingly.

We believe we are all artists. Please plan on bringing your creative spirit and open mind. If you want to DJ or provide some other kind of experience then please let us know. This is a private camp with a limited capacity. Please be patient as we try to include everyone.
Camps are outdoors with plenty of room for campers to spread out. We will limit capacity to a safe number of attendees. All art will be constructed so that campers can safely participate while observing Covid guidelines and safety precautions such as social distancing. Anyone with covid symptoms or that is covid positive will not be admitted.
This is a leave no trace camp. You should plan ahead for every thing you will need for your camp. You will also need to be prepared to bring all these things with you and pack out everything including your garbage.