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ffest is a fan and artist driven show platform.
step 1:
An approximate location for the concert or event is chosen. There are multiple fests all over the country. We build the amazing stages in venue, a parking lot or other large open area.
step 2:
Fans then choose which theme or artist to support. Some fests are just one stage. Some have multiple stages and multiple days.
step 3:
Fans choose their own ticket price.
step 4:
A show budget is formulated. Stages and artists are confirmed. All artists playing at our show deal directly with us. The money will go to them. Not to a corporation, venue, ticket re-seller or promoter.
step 5:
Participants can purchase the limited number of tickets over general public. Some ffests are private events and limited to the members of the community.
step 6:
Stages are designed and built. Artist lineups are confirmed. Tickets are distributed.

A simple agreement between the artist and audience.

Everything is driven by the entertainment experience. The show grows with the artist and people that participate.

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Expose your music and art to a new audience. Empower yourself for live entertainment.

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current ffest artist pool

These are the acts who are on board.
current ffest artist pool
Music producer and DJ known for energetic live performances.
current ffest artist pool
Dream Freak
Futuristic electronic duo.
Official Dream Freak Website
current ffest artist pool
Funk Puppy
Funk Puppy produces his own music and loves to DJ. He also is a visual artist and the co-creator of Camp Sci-Fighter.
Camp Sci-Fighter Website

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