Create your own live entertainment experience.

Think of this as your own fantasy festival lineup. It could even become a reality. For now it is a fun way to support the artist you believe in. Check out our growing artist pool below. Add a new act on the artist page.
step 1:
You choose the destination or theme.
step 2:
You choose the artists.
step 3:
You pledge a ticket price.
step 4:
The lineup, dates and location are finalized.
step 5:
Production is designed to fit the location, theme and music.
step 6:
Pledges and donations are collected and distributed to the artists.

This is the FFEST user interface.

Use this form to build your fantasy festival.

ffest music fans

What do we call you?
Where do you want to go?
Which artist do you want to provide the music?
Which day of the week can you bring the most people online to watch?

upon completion you will be redirected to the current results.

current ffest artist pool

These are the acts who are on board.
current ffest artist pool
Music producer and DJ known for energetic live performances.
current ffest artist pool
Dream Freak
Futuristic electronic duo.
Official Dream Freak Website
current ffest artist pool
Funk Puppy
Funk Puppy produces his own music and loves to DJ. He also is a visual artist and the co-creator of Camp Sci-Fighter.
Camp Sci-Fighter Website

current projects

current projects
Campout 2020 Sci-Fighter
Finally we are returning to planet Earth! Click below for more information.

stage design examples